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Hyperthermia fights cancer cells with heat. That almost always happens in combination with another treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.The Center for Hyperthermia in Amsterdam was established in 2007 to carry out treatment and research for hyperthermia. Qualified and registered doctors work here.In all cases, we inform the patient comprehensively, openly and honestly, and in a medically-ethically responsible manner, about the possible effects of the proposed treatment on his or her disease process.

Unique in Europe

Because of our advanced equipment, we can direct treatment according to the location of the tumor and / or spread. We distinguish between superficial, medium-deep and deep-lying tumors. For that we use Oncothermia, Alba Hyperthermia, Andromedics and Heckel; Whole Body Hyperthmia.Together with many years of experience in the field of hyperthermia and further treatments in oncology, we can rightly say that our center is very unique and progressive.

Easy and comfortable

At our center, everything is focused on making the treatment for the patient as easy and comfortable as possible. A doctor is permanently present during treatment. The practitioner (s) always stay close. They can then adjust the equipment immediately if necessary. The temperature, blood pressure and pulse are continuously monitored.The equipment has no effect on others in the treatment room. So if the patient wants company with him, there is no objection to that.Patients can freshen up and shower after treatment.


Like all health care institutions and companies, the Center for Hyperthermia also falls under the supervision of the Health Care Inspectorate.The center is located at the Baron G.A. Tindalplein in Amsterdam. On the Contact page of this website you can read how you can reach us.





Hyperthermia can be an essential part of treatment for a large number of cancers. When hyperthermia is the only form of treatment, the results are between 13 and 30 percent better than when no form of therapy is applied. Read more about hyperthermia


The best known and traditional cancer treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. In recent decades, new treatments have increasingly played an important role in the fight against cancer. Think of hyperthermia, immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

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A number of patients have shared their experiences with hyperthermia with us. On the next page we have bundled all experiences. In view of the privacy of the patients involved, we only mention their initials in addition to the nature of their illness.

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